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How can I improve my CV?

Recruitment methods are improving and changing every day. The reason for this is the emergence of new technology, which has transformed the requirements for employee competences, personal qualities and professional skills. Today it is not difficult to find a vacancy on the internet, to arrange an interview by phone and to carry it out online. But at the initial stage of candidate selection you will still need the resume, so it is very important to know how to write it correctly, and sometimes it is simply necessary to address to TOP resume customer service.

How to write a good CV?

Let's look at some common mistakes and some simple but effective techniques for improving your CV.

No to grammatical mistakes!

Keep structure simple: short paragraphs, short sentences, lists. Do away with tables: it's not common to include them in a resume today.

Make a good presentation of your company and your position

An official IKEA dealer. Position: sales manager.

Showcase your accomplishments

The department I was in charge of boosted the company's sales by 12.5%. I successfully established connections with foreign companies. During my work, I concluded 87 contracts with partners, 80 of whom became regular customers of the company.

Focus on keywords

Analyze the application: what skills does the company want to hire, need? Include the key competencies on your resume.

  • higher education.
  • training on a management development course
  • C1 foreign language skills.

Don't write the reason for resignation.

But do explain the reason for the interruption. After a change in the staffing table, my job duties as a messenger have been added to my job. My workload has increased while my salary has remained the same. I have decided to quit my job.

Long interruptions in employment must be explained, otherwise the company representative will invite the jobseeker with a clearer and more "transparent" CV for an interview.

Marital status - for social networks and dating sites.

Do not put your marital status on your resume. An employer is primarily interested in you as a professional, so leave that information for the interview.

Create a normal email address

You should not use the mailbox of a previous job, a relative's or family member's email address. Show that you are an adult and serious person, not a 'dandelion.com'.

Avoid cliches and cliched phrases

Find common ground with colleagues, freely maintain conversation with clients both on the phone and verbally.

Always consider wishes and feedback from the company's client.

A little trick you should know before you write your CV. Do not put down the date on which your previous job ended. Whether you quit your job yesterday or a year ago, the date may be against you.

A CV shows the connection between your achievements, your professionalism and the job you're looking for. First and foremost is your value as a professional. The information on these two sheets should look like "a million" and display your personal success story.

Your resume should be like an effective page-turner that you want to flip through, reading every word. In a professional resume, every phrase enhances your value in the eyes of the reader. So before you start writing, think through every word, take the tips and write your ideal CV.

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You will still need a CV in the initial selection stage, so it is very important that you know how to write it properly.

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